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Tell the story of your life through artistic, documentary style images


An at-home lifestyle session gives you an easy way to capture your family, as it exists right now, in an environment that is comfortable and meaningful. It's an opportunity to tell your story.

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An extended session offers an opportunity to slow down and document your entire morning or afternoon together within a relaxed time frame. The included pre-session home visit is an opportunity to not only plan our session, but also to help young family members become comfortable with welcoming me into their home. The longer session time and large number of included images ensures that personalities are captured and relationships precisely documented. If you are looking to preserve the essence of your family in a slowed down, thorough session, this is your best option. 



In-home planning and consultation appointment 

Weekend or weekday scheduling

Style and Select clothing choice assistance

3-hour session time

150+ high resolution image downloads from an online gallery (color and B&W versions of each photo included)

Access to professional lab for printing and products


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Lifestyle photography is all about storytelling. It strives to document real-life emotions and connections between family members, as well as the little details of an environment. 


Couples, parents of newborns, or families with children will find this sort of session works wonderfully to capture a moment in time. 

The natural appearance of lifestyle photography results from focusing on candid, moment-driven interactions between family members. It differs from documentary photography in that it usually takes place in a clean, prepared environment with subjects participating in activities that were planned before the session.

The activities often give a view into daily life at home. Sharing a meal, washing the dog, playing a game, or any number of daily routines are all examples of lifestyle session activities.

Feeling completely comfortable with your photographer in a lifestyle session is essential. Our relationship begins when you first contact me and grows as we work together to plan and prepare for your session. When I visit your home, I will take time to become familiar with the settings we will be shooting in and assess the best light, so I can highlight the features of your home most important to you.

I take special care to know when to take the role of a quiet observer, while also interacting with you as needed to make sure we get the best shots that truly show your personalities and connections.

One hour, three hour, or even full day sessions are available (to inquire about a full day session, please contact me directly). All sessions include planning, clothing selection assistance, shoot time, an online gallery, and high resolution color and B&W image downloads.

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This is your moment to remember. Capture the essentials of a special routine or activity at your home. This session provides enough time to plan a few meaningful activities so you can forever hang onto what it means to be in your family at this moment in time.



Pre-session telephone consultation and resources

Weekend or weekday scheduling

Style and Select clothing choice assistance


1-hour session time 

50+ high resolution image downloads from an online gallery (color and B&W versions of each photo included)

Access to professional lab for printing and products


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When you contact me to set up a Lifestyle session, we'll work together to find a date and time that works best for you.  If you have chosen a 1-hour session, we'll plan the details over the phone including which spaces we will be shooting in, clothing ideas, how to prepare your home, and any other questions you have. I'll also ask questions about your family's personalities so I can best capture them during our session. On the day of your session, I'll arrive 20-30 minutes early to become familiar with the setting and find the best light. 


If you have chosen a 3-hour shoot, we'll select a date for our in-home consultation (this can be done over the phone if needed). At your consultation, we will cover everything I listed above, as well as take a walk around the spaces we will be shooting to assess the light and allow me to become familiar with the environment. You do not need to prepare your home for our consultation! I'd love to use that time to also get to know you and your family better so that I can best highlight your personalities and interactions during your session.

On the day of your session, your family will simply engage in the activities we planned! I will do everything I can to help you feel comfortable! It's ok to talk and ask questions throughout. I will work hard to know when to quietly observe and when to step in and provide direction if needed. If our plans need to change during the session, it is completely OK! That's real life after all! I'll be flexible so you and your family can relax and enjoy your time together. This session should be a fun and comfortable experience for everyone!

After your session, I will edit your photos and create an online album with your best images within 2 weeks. You will then have access to download the high resolution files in color and B&W. If you are interested in ordering any prints or products from a professional lab, you can do it right through your album and the products will be sent directly to you. 

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