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Photo-Ready Outfit Selection

A lot goes into creating beautiful images. Choosing photo-ready outfits is so important but can feel overwhelming. I’ve pulled together some tips to simplify things and now offer an amazing online styling board to take the hassle out of preparing for your session! Read to the bottom to learn more.


Professional Tips for Selecting Outfits for Your Photoshoot


Color selection: Choose 3-4 colors that complement each other. For instance, olive/mustard/navy or pale orange/beige/easter egg blue. Make sure to pay attention to color tones. Try not to pair a single deep, saturated color with all lighter tones. If you are struggling to get started, just try choosing your outfit first, and then look for colors that complement the first selection.

Mix it Up: Mix solids, textures, and patterns. A good rule of thumb for a family of four is to use 2 patterns, 1 solid, and 1 texture. For a family of five, use 2 solids, 2 patterns, and 1 texture. Try to avoid similar patterns such as two persons both wearing plaid.

Complement, Don’t Coordinate: Select complementary colors. Matching everyone in the same color/outfit can look dated. If wearing jeans, limit to one person.

Look Your Best: Photos are a special occasion and you will hopefully display them in your home. Be sure to dress the part by choosing outfits that help you look your best! Choose styles that accentuate your best features rather than hide them in baggy clothing. Make sure your shoes are a style that looks great with your outfit. Avoid logos and loud, neon colors. Cover baby’s diaper with a cute pair of bloomers or leggings.

Layer and Accessorize

Adding layers and textures help finish your look. Consider hats, jewelry, and top layers when planning your look.

Some Final thoughts…

Make sure you are comfortable and can easily move around in your outfits! I love to incorporate a lot of natural movement in my sessions. Your best bet for looking natural and relaxed is choosing clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

And always, stay in touch with your photographer as you plan your selections. S/he can help you with professional advice from the perspective of what looks great from behind the lens.

Free Access to Style and Select

Included with their session, my clients now have access to an online shoppable styling guide to help locate beautiful, photo-approved clothing options. Style and Select helps you create a coordinated family style board with retail links. It’s easy!

Kim Kelly Photography is a Jacksonville lifestyle photographer who lives in Neptune Beach, FL and truly enjoys capturing connections between people who love each other. Outdoor and at home lifestyle sessions available. Learn more at



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