• Kimberly Kelly

What to Wear to Your Session

Updated: Mar 10

When you invest in professional photography, of course you’ll want to look your best to capture images that you’ll be proud to share and display. But what to wear? I designed this guide to help you plan for your upcoming session so you can arrive feeling comfortable and at your best!

You don’t have to go shopping to prepare for your photo shoot! You may find exactly what you’re looking for already in your closet. In fact, wearing your favorite, most comfortable outfit can help you feel at ease and allow for playful movement with your family. You probably find yourself in a favorite standby like fitted jeans and a beautiful top so often because it highlights your assets and feels cozy at the same time. When in doubt, go with a best fitting, comfortable outfit.

Let your location be your inspiration. A shoot in a metropolitan area will lend itself to more formal clothing while jeans and boots will look great in a park.

Start with one statement piece. Choose one outfit and build the rest of the family’s clothing around coordinating pieces. For instance, if you find a beautiful burgundy dress, look for colors that you would find on a coordinating color palette (see below) for the rest of the family.

Say “yes” to textures, layering, and accessories. Think scarves, sweaters, belts, jewelry, and hats. Say “no” to shirts with words, more than one bold pattern, white (go with cream instead), black/very dark colors, or neon. And don’t forget about your shoes! You’ll want to make sure that your feet look as good as the rest of you.

What colors look great together? If you like to play it safe, you can always stick to neutrals like cream, grey, and tan with a few pops of coordinating color. When dressing the whole family, your best bet is to stick with 3-4 colors that look good together rather than trying to match exactly. And don’t forget to choose colors that will look good with the colors of your home so your photographs will look great on display. For some fun, modern combinations, check out Pantone's fresh color combos for Spring/Summer 2021 from

Need a professional? Stores like Banana Republic and JCrew offer free personalized shopping assistance to help you find the look that works best. Sometimes sticking to one store that offers clothing for the whole family can help bring your look together too.

Above all, make sure you are comfortable and can move freely! My goal is for you to have fun and really enjoy your shoot!