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What Matters Most in Preparing for Your Family Photo Session

Honestly, the most important things you need to bring to your photoshoot are a relaxed, playful attitude and trust in your photographer. There are many other factors that lead to a great shoot including location, clothing, weather, and lighting, but hopefully you got all that settled with your photographer ahead of time. The day of the shoot is the time to relax and celebrate your preparations! You did it! Now, focus on having fun!


How to Prepare for a Family Photo Shoot


Check outfit selection off your list early

As soon as you book your session, make sure you and your photographer have a plan in place for outfit selection. Check out my resource and learn more about how Style and Select can take all the stress out of looking your best! Make sure your clothing (including shoes and accessories) is clean and ready at least a day before the shoot.

Eat. Sleep.

Do you and your loved ones ever get “hangry?” Make sure your family is well fed and bring healthy snacks just in case. Try to get everyone in bed on time the night before your session so you'll feel rested and happy!

Give yourself extra time to get ready….lots of it.

Take however much time you think you’ll need to get ready and double it. It might sound excessive but think of how good it will feel to be ready early and not have to worry about any last minute scrambling.

Let go of any PPTSD (Photography PTSD)

Please let your family know that they won’t be forced into any awkward stiff poses. Your session will be filled with casual, playful, and fun activities designed to bring out natural smiles. So whatever has happened at past photoshoots...let it go. Time to move on to better times!

Don’t worry about getting your child to smile

Our session will be filled with playful interactions and lots of movement. Most children love it, but if yours needs a little space to warm up, don’t worry! I promise to ask for your help if I need it. Since I don’t force any “sit still and smile at the camera” moments, it should work out just fine. During our session, you can help promote real smiles and positive interactions by staying calm and having fun!

And finally…

Just relax, be yourselves, and focus on enjoying your time together. The best images capture authentic moments and can’t be posed.

Kim Kelly Photography is a Jacksonville lifestyle photographer who lives in Neptune Beach, FL and truly enjoys capturing connections between people who love each other. Outdoor and at home lifestyle sessions available. Learn more at



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