• Kimberly Kelly

What to Wear to Your Family Photo Session

Updated: Oct 19

Don’t let choosing outfits for your family photoshoot hold you back from setting up your session! Take a look at these tips for choosing outfits for your family photo session and you’ll have your whole family looking fantastic in no time!

Family blowing bubbles in Johansen Park in Atlantic Beach

Start with your outfit first

Make the decision about what you are wearing first, then use that outfit as a base to choose what other colors look good with yours. You could select 1-2 other colors that look good with your outfit (more on color groupings below), or keep it super simple and just have your outfit be a “pop” color and pair that up with neutrals.

Choose something comfortable

In family photos, you may find yourself sitting on the ground, chasing your kids, or even laying in the grass. Make sure your outfit lets you move and play easily. Comfort does not equal slouchy though! Pictures are special and you will hopefully be displaying your photos around the house, so make sure you balance looking good with feeling good.

Playful family photo in Neptune Beach

Dresses are great but you can also get away with jeans and a cute top

Most of us look our most flattering when wearing dresses if they have a fitted waist. You could also wear a skirt with a fitted top. Either will look great when a breeze comes along and your waist is still defined. But let’s talk about comfort again. If you feel your best in jeans and your favorite top, it’s a classic look that would definitely work too.

Consider your location

Think about the colors and logistics of your chosen location. It might be fun to go a little dressier if you are in the city versus barefoot on the beach.

Don’t forget your shoes

Or... if you are on the beach, it’s fine, you can actually forget your shoes! But when you are shooting elsewhere, make sure that your choice of footwear reflects your outfit choices. I do like to incorporate a lot of movement and playfulness in our sessions so flats, sandals, or a low boot would be easier than heels.

Mother and daughter walk together at the shoreline at Guana River Reserve

Have fun with the season’s color trends

Pantone Color Institute gathers up all the latest colors from New York’s fashion week and chooses 10-12 colors and 4-5 neutrals that are featured each fashion season. From there it’s fun to create groupings based on the chosen colors. Take a look at how stylist Jamie Lea has some fun creating some color groupings for the Fall/Winter 2021/2022 colors.

Another idea is to choose one or two “happy colors” and pair those up with some neutrals. I personally love bright, vibrant colors and feel that they really add to the playful mood of family photography. An easy way to choose your colors are to just take complementary colors from the good ol’ color wheel.

Finally, if you really want to have some fun, you can get your colors read by a professional. I had mine read before a branding shoot earlier this year by Created Colorful and found out I was a “Warm Spring.” So fun!!

Couple cuddles with Bernedoodle puppy at Neptune Beach

Say “yes” to layers, textures, solids, subtle patterns, and accessories

All look amazing and add that something extra to your look! Please avoid logos, writing on shirts, or loud, distracting patterns. They are kind of an editing nightmare! :)

A family that shops together...looks great together!

One thing that can help families pull together a cohesive look is to shop at the same retailer. JCrew offers personal styling and has clothes for the whole family.

Looking for something special?

Moms with younger children, definitely check out locally owned The Indie Blue, a clothing company offering beautiful dresses for moms and coordinating kids' outfits that look stunning in photographs. Great twirly girl dresses can be found at Alice and Ames. Beautiful flowing dresses for women including maternity options are at Baltic Born. Looking for amazing outfits at reasonable prices, check Target, Old Navy, and Amazon.

Ask for help when you need it

Want to send me a picture of your outfits to get some feedback? I'd love to help! I'm here for you so reach out anytime! And let's get that session booked!

Kim Kelly Photography is a Jacksonville family photographer who lives in Neptune Beach, FL and truly enjoys capturing connections between people who love each other.